Monday, September 19, 2016

Introducing our graphic designer, Phil! Although around here, he goes by Bud, Fran or Doc (I think we’ve got all the nicknames!)  A designer with a broad skillset, Bud practices both print and web design here at Archer, and thrives by creating fresh designs that help clients establish or reimagine their brand.

Outside of the office, Bud likes to follow politics, hang out with his dog, Bean, and eat hamburgers. He’s also a major Bruce Springsteen fan, and is currently on his 4th rewatch of the “24” television series. He’s been to London 3 times so far, and considers it his favorite place.

While there are many interesting things about Bud, we had to go with the hamburger as his "A." Not only does it represnet his love for the food, but also his fun, quirky personality that lights up our office.

Follow along to see Bud’s adventures this week, and you might even get a sneak peak into some of this work.