Article Author Jeff Lennox

Jeff Lennox



Monday, March 16, 2015

Frequently, clients come to Archer seeking specific tactics to achieve their goals. Some think they need SEO, an email campaign, PR, social media, a sales brochure or maybe a redeveloped website.

When they do, we invariably take them back a step or two to clearly delineate what value they have to offer and to whom.

Each situation is different, and each demands a unique solution. If someone comes to us wanting a specific tactic, we need to understand what they are trying to accomplish before we can determine whether such a tactic is the best approach, and if it is, what shape it should take and how it should integrate into an overall marketing strategy.

At Archer, we focus on one goal—the development of marketing strategies that drive awareness and generate interest. All the tactics we employ are aligned with that goal. Whether we develop a new brand or website; whether we choose to promote online, through printed materials or live at an event; whether the tactics are performed by Archer employees, partners or our clients; these are all only relevant when they contribute to and breed success.

Our mantra is “creating demand for your brand” for good reason. It serves as a guidepost to everything we do, forcing all concerned to focus on the one goal that truly matters.