Thursday, April 14, 2016

Much like a presidential election, it takes take time and effort to outperform your competitors in the keyword ranking race. But with time, perseverance and a winning strategy, you can end up a campaign or search engine frontrunner.

Of course, everyone wants to end up on top, so what strategies will make the most impact on your campaign?

  • As seen in many epic political trainwrecks, poor content can lead to very bad outcomes - good website content is key to an effective campaign (SEO or political).
  • Social is a great way to reach and engage the masses and has been proven to have an impact on overall rankings.
  • Honesty and integrity are always best - whether you’re caught in a political scandal busted using blackhat tactics, your campaign will inevitably take a hit.
  • It’s all about the endorsements - Building relationships, linking and networking with others overtime is a great way to establish legitimacy and build authority.
  • Guage your ratings often - Donald may be paying close attention to poll numbers, but in SEO, we care more about domain authority and Moz rankings among other key SEO indicators.
  • Like a good politicians, SEO cannot be paid for (paid search engine marketing is considered pay-per-click or PPC)
  • Video can help you relate to your constituents and target audiences and YouTube is a fast and easy way to integrate this high-value content.
  • If you are not moving forward, you are moving backwards - Like everything else in our world. Politics and SEO are always changing. Complacency is not our friend.

Fact: youtube viewing session on mobile devices is now reportedly 40 minutes.

Whether you're a campaign or marketing director, you do need to show results. Pay attention to analytics so you don’t have to hear, "you're fired!”

Using these tips you too can help attract and maintain a strong, loyal fanbase. Contact us to learn more.