Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Archer is pleased to announce that Bonadio.com, a website designed and developed by Archer Communications, was awarded first place in the Financial Services category at the Rochester Business Journal’s 2015 Best of the Web Awards ceremony.

Hundreds of websites were nominated via reader submissions to the Rochester Business Journal. More than 40 finalists were evaluated based on website navigability, usability, functionality, content, art and visual design, and standards compliance.

“Archer is proud of our work on Bonadio.com,” said Jeff Lennox, President of Archer Communications. “Our goal was to present the wide scope of accounting and financial services that the Bonadio Group provides through a simple and intuitive navigation. The new site not only works well for visitors, it is readily updated through a strategically-crafted database.”

Bonadio.com features a fresh design, custom icons, scalable navigation system, and a user-friendly interface.

In reviews posted online by the Rochester Business Journal, the judges complimented the site on its color scheme, typography, and content organization. “This appears to be a very technically solid website. It is clear that a lot of testing has gone into it, as it works very well across every platform I tested it on,” said one judge.