A calculated approach. A team mentality.

The team at Archer is ready to take on your marketing challenges. Fiercely passionate about what we do, we’re committed to delivering fresh creative concepts with both purpose and heart.




Mission Statement

Strategic marketing designed to leverage strengths and opportunities for optimal return


Jeff Lennox starting Lennox Graphix
Team creating the Archer website
photos of sunflowers in the front of the office
  • 1980s

    Jeff Lennox establishes Lennox Graphix with the intention to produce eye-catching graphic art. It was renamed Lennox Associates in 1989 in an effort to align with the more strategic marketing communications projects it was taking on.

  • 1990s

    In 1997, thanks to the merger of local advertising agencies, Archer Communications officially launches.


  • 2000s

    Archer moves to its home at 252 Alexander Street in 2001, and focuses on expanding and growing the company. 

  • 2010s

    Archer realigns to strategically market clients in terms of identity, home and reach. This philosophy drives the company toward further growth, and Archer wins seven awards in a national branding competition. This spurs years of awarded recognition, including several wins in RBJ’s “Best of the Web.”


  • 2016

    The new Archer website is developed and the company looks forward to celebrating 30 years in businesses.

At Archer, our passion brings us together and when unified, we become a strong force. We focus on bringing our diverse ideas together, combining our unique character traits and unleashing our inherent drive to

do something exceptional.

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