Thursday, February 11, 2016

With today’s social media-dominate marketplace, it’s no longer enough to simply have social media accounts for your brand. With increased competition for the attention of social media users, the content you produce is a key factor in establishing your brand on social media. No matter how optimized your content might be, if it’s not good enough to attract natural readers, it’s just not good enough.

Here are five tips to create compelling and shareable content on social media:

Research your audience

What platforms do they use? What do they talk about? What are they interested in? Find out everything you can about your target demographic. Listen to them and follow the trends they’re participating in. If they “like” memes on Instagram, create a funny meme-like photo or use humor in your post. If they’re primarily Pinterest users, create visually compelling posts or “how-to” articles. Find out what your users like to talk about, then create it.

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Create a relationship

Chances are, if you’re establishing a social media presence to increase sales, you’re not seeing immediate results. Social media is about connecting with your audience, building trust and creating a relationship--it’s a long-term process. However, if utilized properly, social media can create that spike in sales you’re looking for. Encourage participation with your followers. Ask questions, create polls--show that you care about their opinions. Your customers will be more likely to purchase once they feel they’ve established a quality relationship. Additionally, be sure to respond to comments (even negative) and “like” photos or posts mentioning your brand.

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Make your posts visually appealing

Your posts are more likely to get clicked and shared if they include a quality visual element. Take the time to capture a high-quality image or design a colorful infographic to aid your content. Edit your photos, take them in well lit areas and make them original. Additionally, consider maintaining a common theme throughout your social platforms--utilize a consistent filter, keep a common color scheme, etc. Think of your social media posts as a cohesive brand rather than several individual posts.

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Gain your audience with quality, keep them with consistency

Your audience followed you for a reason: they find value in your content and appreciate your posts. However, they will leave if you fail to continue posting (or post too much). Consider creating a content calendar and schedule a month’s worth of posts at once. Establish consistent post days, i.e. “Fun Fact Friday.”

However, note that the biggest reasons a user unfollows is too many posts or unuseful information. Maintain a balance between thought-provoking information--such as industry insights--and light, humorous posts--such as employee photos or fun facts. Also keep in mind that brevity is key on social media.

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Remember when Facebook statuses were in the third person? It’s important to note that social media is constantly changing. And if you don’t keep up, your brand will fail to stay relevant. Pay close attention to emerging trends, and strive to be among the first to follow.

If you’re ready to create quality content for your social media marketing strategy, contact Archer today. Our team of creative experts is ready to take your brand’s social media presence to the next level.