Friday, October 27, 2017

Our art director and interactive designer, Phil and Luke, attended Adobe MAX's Creativity Conference in Las Vegas last week.

Between keynote speakers and breakout sessions they came back to Archer inspired to go above and beyond the normal marketing efforts and excited to put some new techniques and technologies to work! Their energy inspired us, so we thought we would share some of what they learned and experienced.

What was the most impactful thing you learned at the conference?

Luke: For me, it was listening to these people that are at the top of their industry and getting their perspective in particular fields. They have such a humble approach to everything they do, whether it is their process, inspiration or end product. It is cool to see that.

Phil: The theme of the whole conference was storytelling, but it was talking about stories within the context of how amazing people are and how important it is to tell people's stories accurately by capturing who they are. It’s not all about selling something or marketing, but more about capturing who that person is and how you can relate to them.

“It’s really not about your skill with the tool or what tool you use, if at the end you’re making connections with people--connections that people remember and resonate with, you’re winning.” - Luke

If you could go back and have a conversation with one of the key note speakers there, who would it be and why?

Luke: Jon Favreau, a film director and actor, he just seemed to have such a positive outlook on his work and on his life, but he was also very human and vulnerable. Seeing someone with Oscar nominated work who is able to sit down with people and be so real and humble is amazing. He talked about how you balance work and family, it resonated really well with me.

Phil: Annie Griffiths, a photographer with National Geographic. I just want to hear more of her stories about going across world, learning about people and capturing their stories. She told so many stories about that, but I could just hear about those stories forever.

“Annie Griffiths' story is about her work and philanthropy. She made it her life and has a non-profit organization that helps women in third world countries start businesses, it’s inspiring.” - Luke

How do you plan on spreading these messages to the Archer team?

Luke: I want to sit down with anyone who is interested about anything we learned at the conference. We are planning on outlining a few of the central themes and talking about how the different sessions and keynote speakers came at the themes from different perspectives and processes.

Phil: We want to figure out what people at Archer are interested in learning more about and present it companywide. Then have smaller workshops that are tailored towards specific topics and technology.

“We want to relate it to what we are doing at Archer now and how we can use what we learned to go forward. We want to make it something we are proud of and embrace.” - Luke

At Archer, technology and innovation play a key part in our everyday marketing solutions. We understand the art of storytelling and want to help your business connect with your consumers. Contact us today to see how we can help tell your story!