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Jeff Lennox



Monday, April 29, 2013

Philosophers love to raise the classic conundrum of which came first, the chicken or the egg, but to the creative marketing professionals who need to address segmented audiences, the answer is simply “It depends”.

To Noah Webster, it may have been obvious. His dictionary lists “chicken” first.

To Charles Darwin, many creatures laid eggs well before a chicken roamed the earth, so the egg definitely came first.

On Noah’s Ark, there were two chickens and no eggs—hence, the chicken came first.

When it comes to eating, typically the egg comes first (at breakfast), while the chicken is more commonly served later (at lunch or dinner).

To the comedian, the egg comes first because the chicken is always afraid … or is it the chicken comes first because eggs can’t come?

Of course, to the philosopher, the egg and the chicken are interdependent$mdash;neither gets to be first.

The point is, as a professional communicator, I am going to switch my priorities based upon my audience. Darwin and my hungry guests are likely to get the egg first. Webster and Noah, will get the chicken first—in fact I’ll probably give Noah two. The comedian will get a trembling chicken and a frustrated egg.

The philosopher will get a book on creative exercises in marketing. They like &%$# like this to think about.