Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Challenge at Hand: After 26 years of public ridicule, Homer Simpson wanted to improve his image. Simpson has worked at the local nuclear power plant for years and is tired of its negative impact on his community. He wanted to make a difference once and for all and decided it was time to get Lake Springfield’s polluted waters cleaned up. He couldn’t do it alone, though. He wanted to hold a fundraiser in the community to gain support and draw attention to his efforts. With his bad reputation preceding him, he worried this would a lost cause.

Day 1: The Archer PR team gets a call from Mr. Simpson. He reached out to us hoping we could help improve his public image after years of tirelessly being ridiculed for his perceived lack of intelligence and bad decision making. “They don’t know the real me, and I want to change that,” said Homer.

Day 2: Challenge accepted. Archer gets right to work researching the client; we need to find out what the public’s perception of him really is and why. After reading what we could find online, we decided to delve even deeper and interview those who know Homer on a personal level such as family members, co-workers and local business owners.

Day 5: Now that we had a better understanding of who is Homer really is, we began to develop a strategy that focused on the misconceptions many people seemed to have of him. Our copywriters immediately created a press release to highlight the side of Homer we grew to know and admire.“We love visiting our sister and her children, but can’t stand Homer. It becomes an issue because he is always at home spending time with them!” - Patty and Selma Bouvier, Homer’s sisters-in-law.

While someone might look at this quote and see it as negative, it shows Homer’s true colors: he is a loving father and devoted husband who wants to be present enough to instill those same family values in his kids.

During our research, we kept hearing  the rumor that Homer drinks too much, but after speaking with local bar owner Moe Szyslak, we found a different truth. “Homer is my friend, and he wholeheartedly supports local businesses. He wants to see me succeed, so he supports my bar and restaurant, Moe’s Tavern, and other local merchants whenever he can.”

We made sure to highlight these humble and important attributes of Homer. After meticulous media research and our client’s approval, the final press release that shined a light on Homer’s personality and his charitable cause was sent out. We had high hopes that the announcement would be received positively and that Homer’s dream of a successful fundraiser would come true.

Day 7: Our team tirelessly followed up with the local news and media outlets. To our delight, the response was well received. For those who may not have fully believed our version of Homer, they at least agreed to come to the fundraiser and see what it was all about. To continue our positive momentum, we developed a social media strategy to further promote Homer’s new image and this cause he cared so deeply about.

Day 9: The day of the fundraiser had arrived. Archer was prepared to field any questions and concerns from the media. After setting up at Moe’s Tavern, we eagerly waited. The event was a hit! Hundreds of people from the community came out to support the cause and enjoyed the chance to meet the real Homer Simpson.

Day 10: With so much positive feedback, Homer exceeded his fundraising goal! He was able to kick-start his project, “Spring Cleaning”, to de-pollute and beautify Lake Springfield. “I am so excited about the turnout, and never thought it would happen,” expressed Marge, Homer’s wife. “My Homey is a great man, and I’m happy that the community we live in finally sees it too.

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