Tuesday, February 24, 2015

PR is a key component to an effective marketing strategy. And while building a portfolio of earned media is typically the primary goal, there are many other ways PR content can benefit you.

So, you post your release to newswires and pitch it to the best suited media. Now what? Whether or not the media decides to feature your story, the PR content is still highly valuable and can provide benefits beyond the press. Here are a few examples:

Posting press release content (copy, video, imagery) to your website aids search engine optimization. Google likes to see fresh content being added to your site. (note: your copy should be keyword rich and content should be added regularly for optimal results.)

PR content is also great social media content, so don’t forget to post, tweet and share the information. This effort will expand the reach of your news story, streamline social media efforts, drive traffic to your site and also improve your website’s search engine rankings, as social media mentions play an important role in search engine optimization.

PR content makes for great e-newsletter content. Why reinvent the wheel? Stop fretting over the quarterly newsletter copywriting and start repurposing your public relations content. Product launches, new hires, honors and accolades—these should all be developed as PR and these are also things you should be communicating with your customer base. And, email marketing software solutions, like MailChimp, make managing and distributing your e-newsletter simple and affordable.

When fully integrated into your strategy, your story has the ability to reach a range of audience groups through various media channels.

Looking to discuss your PR or content marketing strategy? Let us know. We can develop a system that fits your needs and optimizes your efforts.