Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Meeting potential consumers face to face at trade shows or events can be a very valuable lead-generating tactic for businesses. Deciding if it makes sense for your brand requires some thought.

Before you decide to commit, it is extremely helpful to evaluate specific event marketing questions. Consider these as a start:

Are the demographics for the event reflective of your typical buyer? If you’re marketing to families, are there family-centered activities at the event?

What would it take to see a profitable ROI? Consider brand-building as part of this equation.

Would consumers be more easily persuaded to consider a purchase if they could experience the product or service first hand? Some products and services need to be experienced to appreciate their quality.

Can you offer a benefit to consumers at the event that will sufficiently motivate them to either schedule a follow-up appointment or make an immediate purchase? Event specials are enticing and may sway a buyer to commit.

How will you collect consumer data—email and phone contact info? Can you offer a drawing for a gift with a sign-up?You will need to consider how to handle the leads you receive in a timely manner.

Do you have a display set-up that is creative, attractive and showcases your products/services in a positive manner? How much exhibit space will you need? Consider opening up your area so that consumers can engage. Resist setting up a table and standing behind it as this creates a barrier.

Do you have a knowledgeable, friendly sales team? Connecting face to face with buyers can cast a positive light on your brand.

Can you adequately staff the event? Events can be tiring. Planning well in advance and providing your team with coolers for food and drinks helps.

Does the event provide support for your company such as set-up, parking, shuttles, water, and electric? Some events do this better than others. These details can make a big difference in your overall experience.

What does the event do to market itself? Are there opportunities to collaborate? How will your company’s name be presented? Check out the event’s website. Is information easy to find? Are there opportunities to become a major/title sponsor? If so, go ahead and contact the event organizers and discuss options. They may be willing to tailor an experience to help you maximize your ROI.

What event marketing tactics will you employ before, during, and after the event? Let your current customer base know that you’ll be at an event offering special deals/pricing. Social Media is a great way to engage consumers and help them spread the word about your company.

There is a lot to consider when deciding if event marketing is the right tactic for you. But if it’s the right fit, the rewards can be plentiful—fresh new leads, brand building and consumer feedback are just a few of the ways event marketing can help you grow.

If you want to discuss how exhibiting at the Corn Hill Arts Festival can address your specific marketing needs, contact:

Elaine Lennox
Sponsor and Media Relations Chairperson
Corn Hill Arts Festival