Thursday, November 20, 2014

The importance of the mobile phone is it gives users access to an infinite amount of information at the palm of their hand. In order to make a mobile experience better for customers, advertising agencies need to focus on creating user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Implementing these simple mobile web design tips will drastically improve the user experience of your site on any device.

Less Text Input

Smartphones and tablets now have fully functioning keyboards and are becoming much easier to type on (Android swipe feature, anyone?). However, it is still frustrating to type more than a sentence into a text field to get what we want. Instead, try to minimize the amount of words necessary for web forms.

Keep it Simple

Your mobile web design doesn’t need all the bells and whistles of your full site. Keep the location-optimized content and the main task bar, but skip out on the fancy features. There is an 80 to 90% rate of abandonment from mobile sites because users cannot navigate the site easily.

Live Long and Prosper

Anyone with a smartphone knows that visiting a mobile site could drain their battery depending on its content. Professional web design companies should be aware that features such as complex animations and streaming videos can drain a battery quickly.

Everyone is Different

There is a wide variety of popular device brands, screen sizes, models, and operating systems. It is vital that your web design agency creates a site that will be simple to navigate and fully optimized on all of them.

Font is Key

Ever tried reading 8 pt font on a mobile phone? Sure, you can always maximize the screen, but that isn’t user-friendly. Instead, have your mobile site include large and easily legible text. Nothing with swirls and twirls.

Does it Work?

The king of all mobile web design tips is to constantly check the data. Web design companies will work closely with their client to make sure what they are creating is actually attracting traffic. It is essential to analyze your web traffic data on a regular basis to make accurate adjustments for improvement.

Overwhelmed by the amount of strategy involved with a mobile site? Give the expert web design team at Archer Communications a call for a site built with your users in mind.