Thursday, February 18, 2016

It’s no secret that a well designed website is crucial to your business’s success. From a consumer’s standpoint, the visual appeal of a webpage directly translates to the credibility of a business while serving as a direct representation of your company.

An aesthetically pleasing web page isn’t enough, however. Keeping the audience in mind, a website must be as functional and informational as it is visually striking. Read on to learn about the three most important factors to website design that you may not have considered.

Easy Navigation

Webpages essentially exist to display important information for clients and customers. When a visitor comes to your page, they must be able to easily find what they are looking for. Usability is key to great web design: if your pages are not user friendly, many customers will grow frustrated as they attempt to traverse a muddled site map and may just take their business elsewhere. Keep navigation simple and easy to follow with principal information on the home page or just one click away.

High Quality Content

Stunning design captures your audience’s attention, but substance and good content holds it. Aside from the core information about your business’s services, additional website content allows for an opportunity to further engage clients. You can include a blog that showcases your expertise in the industry or an “about us” section that educates customers about your company’s values and your team. Above all, ensure that content is both well written and welcoming to your readers.

Mobile Compatibility

As smartphone usage increases, more people are using their devices to browse the mobile web. In turn, the demand for a dynamically compatible website follows suit. Some websites developed for desktop viewing will not translate well to a mobile screen, thus rendering it useless. Consumers rely on the simplified interface of mobile websites to get the information they need on the go. If your site isn’t “keeping up” with the habits of today’s consumer, you could miss out on important sales or business opportunities.

Functionality and substantial content are just as important as a good logo or tagline. At Archer, we can provide your business with the complete package. For website optimization or redesign, give us a call today.