Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Make sure your website, online directories, and social media reflect your company positively.

A solid reputation is something that takes a long time to build. In this technology-driven age, people will look into a company’s online reputation before choosing to work with them. By doing an internet search, reading reviews, and doing research on the company’s website, a consumer can learn a lot.

Your reputation is like the Empire of Rome, it wasn’t built in a day, but it could easily be destroyed, especially with the technological advances of today. There are ways to ensure that you are taking the right steps to create the foundation of a good reputation. Even for more established businesses there are steps that can be made to create a solid foundation and maintain a good reputation.

No one strives to create a bad reputation, unless you’re Dick’s Last Resort, the restaurant known for their terrible service and rude wait staff. To ensure that your reputation stays positive, make sure your team knows the company’s mission, goals and values. If everyone is aware of these goals, their 5- and 10-year plan will include working for you and growing with the company. It will make everyone feel like they are working towards the same objective and help encourage decision-making that will positively affect the company as a whole.

You may be asking yourself, how do I reflect the positive reputation my company has onto the internet, so potential consumers will choose me over other competitors, or what would others say about my reputation. Either way, these thoughts should encourage you to take action regarding your company’s online reputation.

Easy Actions You Can Take

  1. Have an updated and active website (and social media for specific industries). This will allow potential customers to see that you care about their online experience.
  2. To develop a positive online reputation on search engines, encourage clients, customers and employees to write positive reviews on outlets such as Google+. This will help you rank better in the search results and it will also give a great first impression.
  3. If it is right for your business, use social media to update what is going on with your company and create an open dialogue This will create goodwill by honoring their successes and strengthen relationships.
  4. Create a unified front with your management and staff. Make sure they know the goals of the company and what the great benefits are of working with you. People are three times more likely to say something negative about a business than they are to say something positive. Make sure they only have positive things to say!
  5. A good reputation spreads with positive energy and great customer service. Continue to build your good online and offline reputation and business will come to you.

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