Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crafting a marketing direction beyond your immediate needs demands thinking further ahead than many clients are willing to go. It involves foresight, flexible scripting and commitment. And, as in all marketing communications, you should begin with a product or service that is of value to your target audience. In short, your product or service should be marketable.

Foresight involves the ability to 
imagine future circumstance. If you want to go somewhere, you need to first know where you are. You also need to know where you want to go. The farther you can honestly project where you want to go, the farther out you can plan.

Because the future is always less clear than the present, you need to build in flexibility and be vigilant. Establishing a plan is only the beginning. Tracking and analyzing how your plan is working will reveal ways to improve it. New 
developments might require modification of your plan. A dynamic plan allows for modification while adhering to the overriding goals. Adjustments in your online advertising, updates to your website content, and tweaks to your follow-up process can keep a campaign vital.

Long-term plans almost always require upfront and continued commitment. If this isn’t an option due to underfunding or lack of support from key players, you could take a test-the-waters approach instead. Once you have satisfied yourself and-or others, you can approach your 
plan with stronger funding or resolve, and your interactive marketing plan will have the requirements necessary to succeed.