Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Saddled with your company's dated html? don’t just apply a new layer of tack paper.

We know how it goes—you get swept up doing this and that and certain tasks get pushed aside. The truth is websites play a pivotal role in your company's success. Yet all too often, once launched, that same website simply sits forgotten. It’s left out in the wild like a discarded antique, paint weathering and chipping. Well, “no more,” we say! Today, we take a page from Martha, breathing life into that once-forgotten relic. "Martha who," you ask? Martha Stewart, of course!

Say goodbye to that same-old, same-old approach to web strategy. Known for her cooking, decorating, and all-around wonderful homemaking abilities, Martha’s can-do attitude and attention to detail offer a new perspective to the task of redevelopment. Never compromising quality, Martha’s unique approach will keep you from getting locked into a dated strategy.

Given a dated website, we asked ourselves... “What would Martha do?"

Swathed in the aroma of your cup of fresh brew, you've hit send on that last email and read through all of your social circle's recent media. You dread it, but you know the company website needs work. Laden with old HTML, a dated navigation, and aesthetics that would make any designer twitch, why not start fresh?

Today's modern website carries itself with composure and a distinct look and feel. The user's experience is key and no matter how small; each detail is essential to success. Embrace new ideas while keeping the experience of your audience in mind. So, again we suggest to start fresh. Just ask Martha, she would agree; the freshest fruit makes the best pie.

“The more you adapt, the more interesting you are.”

- Martha Stewart

You’ve made the decision to start fresh, now we ask “How would Martha dress the site up?”

Taxed with building a site that works not only on his phone and her phone, but also everyone's laptop, TV, and your wonderful mother's fridge, you might ask yourself, “Why me!?” But don’t fret. Remember: Mother Nature doesn’t draw in straight lines, and neither should you! The navigation, the layout, the look-and-feel should all be unique to your visitors' needs. Although a daunting task, it is entirely doable! But where to start? Outline your needs and be sure to highlight those really important features. Remember: the secret to success is less excess, so put that glitter down and focus on what really matters.

We're enjoying a focused and fresh start, our web navigation stands clear and concise, our layout exhibits truly unique character but is fine-tuned for your users. All-in-all, you've provided a memorable and helpful experience. By gosh, you’ve cracked it! While your competitors stand by scratching their heads and wondering what your secret is, you’ll know all along that the secret was making them think you had a secret all along. The details matter—and details are what create that perfect flaky pie crust and the tastiest filling.

“I'm very inspired by nature - you could say Mother Nature. I look at things around me and get all kinds of inspiration daily.”

- Martha Stewart

That savory aroma of success now wafting through the air, we ask, “How would Martha launch the site?”

The anticipation is simply overwhelming. You’ve come so far, you can’t stop now! It's tempting, we know; you could yank that delicious pie from the oven and slice into it and—“Stop!” says that warm and familiar voice of our friend Martha. “You can’t just serve the pie without letting it set,” she says calmly, “and you shouldn’t serve your website this way either.” A proper launch requires time, planning, and a willingness to gather feedback. Your audience will need guidance, your team will identify additional content needs, but all in all, stay true to your work. Consider using this time to conduct a soft launch. A soft launch is a low key launch meant to ease the site into use. As with any pie, you can always refine the filling (unless you are Martha, in which case it’s always perfect), but you need to start with a good crust.

You’ve battled through the temptation. You’ve perfected the recipe. You're ready to show the world. Spread the word, send an email, get out there and hand-deliver invites to those special clients (paper cutouts and bows are ideal for this). But no matter how you do it, embrace your website's new look and keep an eager eye toward the future.

And don’t forget—it never hurts to serve that piece of pie with a scoop of ice cream.

“My new motto is: When you're through changing, you're through.”

- Martha Stewart