Thursday, January 15, 2015

When visiting a small business website, what do you typically see?

Block of text.

Block of text.

And, yes, another block of text.

Now, be often do you actually read every word? I’d guess very rarely, and you’re not alone.

The attention span of most web surfers is minimal at best. They are on the hunt for help on a specific topic, and sentences upon sentences of bland writing doesn’t get the job done.

Try these 3 options to spruce up your web content and deliver the information your customers crave.

1. Targeted landing pages

A landing page for a specific product or service takes away the hassle of clicking around a website to find relevant information. It attracts the appropriate audience and gives them what they want immediately.

Landing pages are also a great tool to increase conversions. You already have your potential customer at the precise place you want them, while giving them the exact information they’re looking for. This creates an excellent place for a call to action such as an email sign-up request, a contact form, or a purchase button (which can all lead to more sales).

2. Infographics

Tone down the text and get visual with your customers. Instead of writing yet another article on a topic, create an infographic to get your idea across.

Infographics are a great way to represent statistics, data, or how-to steps in an easy to digest way. Plus, they make excellent social media or blog posts that break up the endless monotony of articles.

3. Videos

People would rather watch the news than read the news. It’s a sad fact of life, but that’s the reason why the print media industry has had to adapt their content to survive.

Customers love consuming video content because it’s simple, quick, and entertaining. And with the increasing amount of mobile web users, videos have become a critical way to deliver messages to people on-the-go.

No video camera? No worries. Smartphone cameras and apps (like Vine or Instagram) are now so advanced that you can take high quality videos anywhere and post them to your website, blog, or social media platform.

Don’t be normal. Be unique.

By straying from the typical text content that has diluted the web, you can instantly gain a competitive edge. Don’t conform to the endless amount of articles out there. Be original and create visual content your customers will enjoy.

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