Tuesday, December 3, 2013

At Archer, we help companies get the word out about their products, services and exciting company news. Social media management is an essential part of “creating demand for your brand.” We are experts at creating social media campaigns unique to individual clients, focusing on the audience and content that will drive demand, support and make our clients well known in the community.

Effective social media campaigns need to be consistent, yet have variety in content. It is crucial to consider your target audience and what will catch (and hold) their attention when they log onto their preferred social networking sites. Does your audience connect with each other over fun pictures, liking and sharing and re-tweeting? Or does your audience value updates on company news, community involvement, or new business development? Consider which social media platforms best suit your content; LinkedIn is a great place to share company news while Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are your go-to sites for sharing pictures.

Regardless, your content must be timely. A site that hasn’t been recently updated or added to will move traffic off your site and on to the next! Along with timeliness, frequency is crucial. Get out that smart phone and start tweeting! Take pictures at events and update live information at company meetings or outings. Support your partners and colleagues by getting involved with their social media efforts. The more presence you have in the social media world, the more presence your brand and company have in the real world.

At Archer, we’ve got social media covered. Leave your next social media campaign to the A-Team.