Friday, February 3, 2017

Branding is an essential aspect of any marketing strategy. Having a grasp on what your brand stands for, how it fits into the marketplace and how it will be viewed by the consumer is necessary to mapping out your plan for success. But remember, consistency is always key.

  1. Create a personality for your company

It’s not news that a brand needs to be recognizable. In any marketplace, whether it’s heavily saturated or the competition is light, your customers need to be able to see your brand and know what it stands for. This is because people react emotionally to stories, and today’s consumer is more likely to choose a brand if they believe in it or like their story. Brands that lack a compelling story? They’re out of luck. Ensure that you’re more effectively appealing to your target audience with a brand story that resonates with them.

  1. Strong concepting is a must

A robust concept is the basis of any strong brand. You want your customers to be able to establish and maintain a strong connection with your company. While a brand is an overall identity, the most recognizable aspects are typically a logo and messaging–allow customers to find the connection between these. The visual aspects of your logo will catch their eye, but the messaging expresses benefits of your company or product.

It is not enough to have a visually appealing logo if the messaging doesn’t fit with it. Make sure your brand has clear, concise messaging that encourages the consumer to take action and is easily understood by your audience.

  1. What is a brand guide and why you need it

A brand guide outlines the proper use of your logo, including a standardized color palette and typography details. Why is this important? You want to ensure proper consistent usage across different types of media, including the web, social media, print or digital ads and commercials.  

  1. Consistency is key

Chances are your audience will not blatantly notice when your brand is always consistent as it becomes second nature to the average consumer, but they definitely will take note when it’s not. An inconsistent brand experience causes the consumer to lose trust in the company. The key is that the overall brand sticks with the consumer on a long-term basis.

  1. Your end goal should be brand loyalty

Every company wants to be the one that the consumer pays a little extra for or drives a little farther for. If you want to become top of mind, you need to create awareness of your brand, make it easily recognizable and keep it consistent.

At Archer, We want you to succeed and we’ll work to enhance your overall image to achieve top-of-mind recognition—whether that's establishing a persona for the company, creating a fresh logo, finding the correct voice and messaging to match or developing an unforgettable tagline—we’ve got you covered.