Wednesday, July 18, 2018

FOMO or the “Fear of Missing Out” is this nagging feeling that you are not included in current trends and aren’t experiencing the same level of engagement and excitement that those around you are. This feeling of isolation has been transformed into a tool by social media platforms.

Snapchat is not a new platform but the concept of fast and fleeting content that it introduced was the spark that started the ephemeral content fire. Ephemeral content is the official term for content that lasts a very short time. The most common presentation of this type of content is through video or photographs. While Snapchat it still a top platform for this type of content, Instagram and subsequently Facebook have joined the bandwagon. What does this mean for you and your brand?

  1. It is a simple production effort that allows your brand to create unique content. Most platforms integrate pop culture trends (memes, gifs and stickers) and this presents the opportunity to show your audience that your brand is active and aware of such trends. No one wants to follow a brand that is outdated.

  2. This tool can be incorporated into a content marketing strategy with ease. This is not a replacement for the ongoing marketing efforts your brand already uses but a supplement that can show rather then tell your audience about new product launches, charitable engagement, and company culture.

  3. These content platforms refer to this content as a “story” and it is just that. Working through the beginning, middle and end of the story structure your brand can share numerous key points that support brand messaging without drowning audiences in a multitude of individual posts on a company page.

  4. Think beyond the platform and aim for social media optimization. Just like optimizing web content for search engines you can optimize your social content for the audience. Include links to websites, regularly used brand hashtags, or tag places and people associated with the brand. This will increase the chance that the audience will be driven to your main content hub, the company website which is always the goal.

  5. Elicit an immediate response by showing the human side of your brand. Authenticity is not optional in this social driven age, even the slightest hint at fake and a brand can become the target of a social media backlash. Use a brand appropriate tone and look for ways that spotlight the audience and show your brand values incidents of engagement with user generated content collections.

Don’t be afraid of the new wave of social media trends. Becoming experienced with the tools and planning for integration will prove a major asset for your brand and creating a positive image.