Article Author Jeff Lennox

Jeff Lennox



Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Everyone knows Yogi Berra’s famous quip about coming to and taking the fork in the road. But, in business, choices aren’t always laid out for you. Too often, people fall into reusing the same few processes and tactics they are comfortable with.

At Archer, we foster a custom approach to every challenge. We encourage our people to not only explore existing paths, but to create original ones to achieve the best possible solution. Every client has unique challenges and opportunities. They each have strengths to be leveraged and stories to be told.

This is why custom creative strategies drive our approach. We work collectively to build whatever it takes to communicate and leverage client attributes. Whether we’re building a marketing communications plan, developing a brand identity, designing and developing a website, writing persuasive PR, designing compelling graphics, negotiating advertising, promoting an event, or anything else, we always focus on realizing positive results for our clients.

We think differently, we think innovatively, we think resourcefully. When we find there is no fork in the road, we make one.