Monday, October 22, 2012

Effective website design and development is critical for every company. However, hiring a website designer or a website developer to build your website can be shortsighted for any business that needs to leverage its assets, or draw visitors and persuade them to take action.

After all, content is the driving force of the Internet. So, in order to build an effective website, the people designing and developing it need to intrinsically understand what they are communicating, the market(s) they want to reach, how best to reach that market and considerably more. There are countless tactics available for delivering content, and most people who actually design and develop websites only understand how to present well.

It takes a team of business strategists, marketing professionals, and creative thinkers to work hand-in-hand with website designers and developers to maximize the effectiveness of a website. You may argue that strategic development, conceptualization, writing, design, and functionality can be handled independently and in succession by experts in each discipline. But to seamlessly convey information and persuade audiences, your team needs to coordinate its efforts. In doing so, this team will be additionally helpful in planning ways to maximize your communications outside of, and in concert with your site.

Therefore, before you choose a company that builds websites, ask yourself, what you really need. Do you need to build awareness? Do you need to support your team? Do you want to encourage participation? Do you need to increase sales? Maybe you want to reach a new audience.

If so, consider employing a marketing communications firm with proven success in building great websites—where website strategy, content and functionality are seamless. Communicating your distinct values to your distinct markets will likely be more effective if you do.