Monday, November 16, 2015

Advertisers and marketers are continuously on the hunt for new and innovate ways to reach consumers. When it comes to website development, trends are ever changing. Content, design, navigation, response capabilities, and programming language have evolved dramatically since the launch of the first website back in 1991. In order for companies to effectively reach their audience through their website, they must keep up and continually learn how to implement current practices and trends for a unique user experience. However, successful companies also know that the ancient art of storytelling has never gone out of style, and is still as powerful today as ever.

Storytelling has been a way for authors to capture the attention of mankind for as long as we can remember. Starting from cave paintings and spoken legends and evolving into novels and films, stories have only continued to grow in different forms. A great story unravels slowly to keep viewers and readers interested. This same concept applies to visual storytelling on the web.

Storytelling is not just about content. In web design, various elements including content, tone of voice, navigation, symbols, colors and imagery, are used to tell a narrative. These days, when an audience comes across a lot of text, they generally skim through it missing information. You can avoid this by creating a narrative with these various elements. It will allow you to captivate the attention of your audience as well as keep them intrigued by using them as a component of your story.

A great example comes from the Costa Coffee Experience. This coffee company used the storytelling approach to inform their audience about the history of their company, how coffee is made, and the foundation they’ve started for communities in need. Below you can see the web page where the audience member decides the path of the story. They can watch videos, read informational segments, or move to the next chapter of the story, at their own pace.

Here at Archer, our content strategists and writers are a key part of the beginning stages of the creation process. With them staying up to date on the latest marketing trends, we are able to create more effective pieces for our clients. Our talented web developers and designers have come to understand the importance of storytelling, and that by combining these elements together, will produce an interactive story that will attract and keep the attention of your audience.